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Window Treatment Ideas

Window Treatment Ideas By Miriam Kasdan
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Homeowners who do their research will discover that window treatment options stretch far beyond different styles and colors of curtains and drapes. There are also shutters, shades, blinds, and even layering. Below are a few window treatment ideas that you may not have considered or known about.
  • Wood Blinds, or are they? Blind manufacturers are heeding the word: Faux-wood blinds are now available. They look almost too good to be true, but are, and come in a variety of color stains and decorative accents.
  • Fabric Louvers. These breezy window treatments that resemble graceful sheers and elegant draperies softly diffuse the light during the day, and then close for privacy at night. Some companies offer up to 10 fabric choices, and coordinate fabrics by the yard.
  • Cordless Varieties. A simple push or pull of a bottom-rail handle is all that's needed to raise and lower blinds and shades. Others offer a retractable cord that stays the same length whether the shade is raised or lowered. Other blinds and shades incorporate tilt-and-lift cords into a single wand. Not only are these varieties novel takes on the traditional blinds, but they also eliminate the dangling cord, which can be a safety hazard for children and pets.
  • Puddled Drapery Panels. These are panels where the fabric pools down onto the floor. Most rooms look best with three-to-five inches of puddle fabric. Puddled drapery panels wouldn't work well as a window treatment in the kitchen, but might add elegance to the master bedroom, living room, or dining room.
  • Valances. For those who like easy solutions, valances can offer a simple window treatment. They hang on four hooks and can be sewn in less than an hour, or easily purchased.


About the Author
Miriam Kasdan has been writing and editing marketing and technical materials for almost 20 years and specializes in home improvement features. Miriam earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley.

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