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Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor

Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor By AJ Fanter
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Do you have dreams of coming home after a long, hot day and taking a refreshing dip in your own swimming pool? You're not alone. Installing a pool in your backyard is one home improvement the whole family will appreciate. However, putting a swimming pool in your backyard isn't your average home improvement project.

Not only does installing a pool take time, it requires a substantial financial investment, and therefore it's essential to hire the right contractor for the job. Here are some tips on hiring a qualified pool contractor.

Selecting and Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

  • Only hire a licensed pool contractor. Many states require that swimming pool contractors obtain a special license. Ask your pool contractor for a license number and verify with your state's contractor's board that it's up to date.
  • Get three references and check out current and prior jobs for yourself. Find out if the clients were satisfied with the pool contractor's work, how they resolved problems and dealt with changes. You should also ask if the job was completed on schedule and if the contractor stuck to the terms and costs outlined in the contract. 
  • Before beginning your project get three bids and compare them carefully. The lowest bid may not be the best.
  • Be sure you get a written contract and don't sign anything until you understand the terms of the contract.
  • Pay 10% or $1000 down, which ever is less, and don't let payments get ahead of the completed work.
  • Don't pay your pool contractor in cash and never make a final payment until the entire job is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Keep good records. You should maintain a file with all of the papers relating to your project and note any changes or problems.

By following these tips, you'll be that much closer to the fabulous backyard swimming pool you imagined.


About the Author
AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, NV.

*Before you apply any of the advice described on the Hip-home.com website, you should consider if the advice is safe and suitable for your individual home situation and consult experts as necessary to evaluate the suitability for your circumstances.
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