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Tie it Together with Tiles

Tie it Together with Tiles By Angelique Gervais
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

At last, an indoor project that is fun, fast and fabulous to brighten our autumn doldrums. I recently did some bathroom remodeling. I have wanted to complete my bathroom remodeling for a long time. Now we can research it together!

Picking out the tiles

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting bathroom wall tile:
  • Ensure that there is a difference of less than 1/8” between individual tiles.
  • Be sure that all tiles are from the same lot and shade number, for a more uniform look.
  • The bathroom wall tiles you choose should not be larger than 8” x 8”.

Tile Backerboard

The board that you are planning on mounting your tile to needs careful consideration. When doing bathroom remodeling, take into account the amount of water the tiled wall will be subjected to:
  • If the bathroom wall tile is going to be used as a sink splash guard, the amount of water that it will need to repel is minimal and the use of water resistant greenboard sheetrock is sufficient.
  • If the surface you are tiling is for a tub or shower surround then you will want to use cementitious ceramic tile backerboard with a moisture barrier behind it.

Bathroom tile design

So many exciting things can be done with bathroom tile design. There are beautifully textured designs and larger ornate border tiles. The new trends seem to favor the less reflective tiles in matte or natural finishes.

Another delightful trend in bathroom tile design is the use of tile to frame art, mirrors, or even to become the art focal point. If you decide on an elaborate bathroom tile design, it is best to contain it in one specific area to avoid overkill. Whatever you decide let your imagination be your guide.

About the Author
Angelique Gervais owns and operates a graphic design business serving rural areas in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. She recently completed editing and compiling an anthology for her local writers' group, of which she is an active member. Angelique holds a degree in Biblical Studies, and she is currently expanding her education in the areas of psychology and human development at the Masters level.

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