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The Great Swimming Pool Dilemma: In-Ground or Above-Ground?

The Great Swimming Pool Dilemma: In-Ground or Above-Ground? By Kelly Wingard
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

OK. You've given in to your kids (or your inner kid) and you've decided to install a swimming pool. Now you have to decide which style of pool best fits your lifestyle and budget: an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool? Before you resort to a coin toss, keep the following considerations in mind.

Keeping Grounded

If you plan on staying in your present home for a long time, you may want to consider an in-ground swimming pool. In-ground pools offer you more creative freedom because they can be designed to fit your available space and reflect your individual style. But, in-ground swimming pools are permanent structures, so you can't take yours with you when you go.

If you planning on selling soon, an in-ground pool is a poor option. Besides raising your property taxes, in-ground swimming pools often deter buyers. Many buyers pass on homes with built-in pools because of maintenance and liability concerns. However, in areas where swimming pools are standard features, the absence of an in-ground pool may be a deal breaker.

Portable Pools

An above-ground swimming pool can yield hours of summer enjoyment without scaring off potential buyers. Unlike their permanent counterparts, above-ground pools are portable. But, if you do choose to leave your pool behind, don't expect to be rewarded. Above-ground pools seldom add resale value to your home.

Because these types of swimming pools are not considered permanent improvements, they often do not raise property taxes. (However, the same cannot be said for "decking out" your pool.) Above-ground pools also require less energy because they heat up quicker and stay warm longer than in-ground swimming pools, which often require pool heaters to raise water temperatures to comfortable levels.

Just some things to think about, before you jump into the deep end....


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About the Author
Kelly Wingard is a homeowner with 30 years of budget-minded decorating and remodeling experience.

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