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Sink Savvy Kitchen Remodeling

Sink Savvy Kitchen Remodeling By AJ Fanter
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

What's hot in kitchen remodeling? According to a recent article in Kitchen and Bath Design News, if you've been coveting a stainless steel "commercial grade" kitchen sink, similar to those seen on television cooking shows, you're not alone.

Larger stainless steel sinks and user-friendly faucets continue to grow in popularity with those planning kitchen renovation projects.

Sizzling Stainless (And Healthy Copper)

Offering both easy maintenance and a clean, streamlined look, it's easy to see why stainless steel is now considered the "new white" in the world of kitchen remodeling design. However, while stainless steel remains a top choice for those planning kitchen renovation projects, copper sinks are gaining ground. The reason? Copper sinks actively kill most bacteria in about four hours, making them a healthy as well as an aesthetically-pleasing choice.

Super-Sized And Multiple Sinks

Whether your choice is copper or stainless, one kitchen renovation trend that busy families are sure to appreciate is the move toward both larger primary and secondary sinks. While adding a larger utility sink allows for easier cleaning of oversized pots and pans, incorporating additional prep and hospitality sinks will give your kitchen increased functionality after the remodeling project is complete. You will have added several convenient stations for both food and drink preparation.

User-Friendly Faucets: A Handy Kitchen Renovation Addition

One of the most visible and important elements of any kitchen remodeling project is your sink's faucet. In addition to longer faucets that make filling large pots easier, many homeowners are adding other handy options including dedicated water stations, warm water units, and hands-free faucets. And, while overall kitchen design will often dictate your faucet's finish, the current trend is toward brushed nickel and stainless faucets due to their easy maintenance and durability.  

If added convenience and greater functionality are two of your kitchen remodeling goals, a great place to start is with your kitchen sink!


About the Author
AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, NV.

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