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Satellite TV for People on the Move

Satellite TV for People on the Move By Craig Friesen
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Years ago, a large dish for satellite TV occupied a small number of yards across the nation. When a dish owner moved it was quite an ordeal to bring their satellite TV connection with them. With the proliferation of satellite TV, moving today can be a snap.

Research conducted by eMarketer in 2003 showed that approximately 22 million households in the United States subscribed to a digital satellite service. That number has grown significantly, so much so that you just need to drive through a residential area to note how many houses have a dish on the roof to bring in satellite TV. How does the growth of satellite TV benefit the homeowner on the move?

Leave the Dish and Still Receive Satellite TV

As the number of installed dishes rises for your satellite TV company, the options for continued satellite TV service may also increase. When you move your provider may prefer and even offer incentives for you to leave the satellite TV dish behind, giving you a new one at your new location. Why would they do this? The dish is relatively inexpensive in comparison with the satellite TV receiver, so leaving it is not a huge risk for them, especially if it possibly means a new customer when the next homeowner moves in. The terms of service vary with each company, but receiving satellite TV in your new location may be as simple as bringing the receiver with you.

Digital Satellite for Busy People

If you lead a busy lifestyle you may wonder why you even bother with satellite TV at all. It is a choice, of course, but the convenience of digital satellite can make the decision easier. Connect a digital video recording device to your satellite TV receiver and you can pause live television or record your favorite shows for watching later.


About the Author
Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and an ordained Mennonite minister in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Divinity degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. A computer hobbyist, Craig operates several home-based online businesses in his leisure time.

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