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Recouping Value with Bathroom Remodels

Recouping Value with Bathroom Remodels By Laura Horwitz
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Among the top 15 updates to a home that recoup their value at resale, a minor bathroom remodel reigns at number 1, and a major bathroom remodeling project follows closely at number 6. This means your new bathroom may pay for itself.

Minor Bathroom Remodel

A minor bathroom remodeling job, such as replacing the tub, tiles, toilet, sink, vanity, and fixtures, costs about $10,500 on average. That may seem like a lot, but you generally can get an average return at resale of 102%, or a $10,700 value.

If you live in San Francisco, that number skyrockets to 168.7%, although in Cleveland it drops to 61.7% -- so it's worth doing some local investigating when you first cost out the job with a contractor.

Major Bathroom Remodel

This one doesn't quite pay for itself. On average, across the country, a major bathroom remodeling project only has a 93.2% rate of return. Among home improvement projects, however, that's still a significant recouping of costs.

What's involved? Major bathroom remodeling includes expanding an existing bathroom, replacing the tub and toilet, and adding designer sinks, faucets, a linen closet, lighting, a ceramic tile floor, and an exhaust fan, all together equaling an average cost of $26,052.

Necessary Repairs

Whether minor or major, there are certain things you should consider when starting a bathroom remodeling project.
  • Fix the sink and toilet. No bathroom looks nice if those two essential items appear outdated or cheap.
  • Consider a glass door on the shower and plenty of mirrors to create the illusion of space.
  • Add a medicine cabinet.

These three things can help increase the resale value, especially for a master bath. Even on a tight budget, a minor bathroom remodel can help you add extra value to your home.


About the Author
Laura Horwitz has worked as a freelance writer and researcher for five years in both London and the US. She had a monthly landscaping and tips column for the Sussex County magazine RH Review, and her articles have also appeared in Film Focus, 6 Degrees Film, and BizBash magazine.

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