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Ponds: A Splash of Excitement for Your Backyard

Ponds: A Splash of Excitement for Your Backyard By Shea Richardson
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Want a backyard that's the envy of your neighborhood? Consider building a backyard pond. Bring a new serenity to your backyard that you and your local wildlife will both appreciate.

Most homeowners build small backyard ponds-no larger than four feet in diameter. Some build them in barrels or similar containers. Whatever route you choose, your pond will create a backyard oasis while likely increasing the value of your home. Just be sure you do it right!

Location, Location, Location: Where to Build Your Backyard Pond

Build your backyard pond in an area visible from your deck or patio. If there is not enough space in your backyard for a built-in pond, you can use a tub-like structure, but try to find something that will blend in with the natural environment. Your pond will require less maintenance if not situated under trees, and most aquatic plants, should you choose to include them, will thrive in direct sunlight.

Backyard Pond Basics: Avoiding Blunders

Whatever the style, size, or location of your backyard pond, there are a few things you should keep in mind during construction.
  • Elevate. Elevate the surrounding soil so that excess water to flow away from your backyard pond, not directly into it.
  • Drain away. You should make sure that any drainage from your backyard pond will be directed away from your house.
  • Landscape. Landscaping around your backyard pond provides a habitat for birds and frogs.
  • Check electricity. If you want to use a filter, a pump, or light the area, make sure that electrical service is available.

Remember, a backyard pond is supposed to help you relax and unwind, but a project that isn't carefully planned will quickly become a major headache. Take your time, and don't shy away from professional assistance if necessary.

About the Author
An accomplished educator and writer, Shea Richardson has several years of teaching experience in the Georgia public school system. She holds a degree in Education from Georgia State University and specializes in topics spanning technology, education, and group dynamics.

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