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Organizing Your Garage

Organizing Your Garage By Shea Richardson
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Are you able to park your vehicles in your garage? If not, you probably use your garage like most homeowners do, for storage space. With a garage storage cabinet system, you will be able to clean up the clutter and get organized.

The boxes and piles have most likely expanded and now you probably do not know where anything is. If this is the case in your garage, then you should get organized by investing in a garage storage cabinet system.

Types of Garage Storage Cabinet Systems

Once you decide to actually organize your garage, you will be able to choose from several types of garage storage cabinets. The most common types are made of resin, steel, and wood.

There are also many varieties available from which to choose. A garage storage cabinet that is made of steel offers several options such as an open cabinet, one drawer with a door, two drawers with a door, four drawers, and a single door. They also have sports lockers and wall cabinets available.

A garage storage cabinet that is made of wood is available as stackable cabinet cubes that come in many different widths and cabinets with a base. There are also pantry and garment cabinet storage units offered. In addition, each of these types also offers accessories to accompany the storage cabinets.

If you can't find the size or type of garage storage cabinet that you want or need, you can design your own. Many companies offer custom-made cabinets. If you are not confident in your skill of design, then you can request someone else to design them for you. Whether you design your own, or purchase cabinets already made, you should find yourself excited to get organized and able to park your car in the garage once again.

About the Author
An accomplished educator and writer, Shea Richardson has several years of teaching experience in the Georgia public school system. She holds a degree in Education from Georgia State University and specializes in topics spanning technology, education, and group dynamics.

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