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Need Clark Kent to Save Your Mortgage?

Need Clark Kent to Save Your Mortgage? By Craig Friesen
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Avid Smallville fans can hardly wait for summer to end and the season opener to quench their Superman addictions. Will Clark have to save the Kent farm from mortgage default yet again?

While the threat of losing the family farm to mortgage difficulties is not a major theme in the television series Smallville, it is the imminent threat of losing farm and home to mortgage foreclosure that keeps Tom Welling (Clark Kent) close. Unfortunately for Annette O'Toole and John Schneider, the Kent parents, there does not appear to be any possibility of mortgage refinancing to lift them out of trouble.

Why Superman's Home Mortgage Solution is Not for You

In case you have difficulty making the distinction between television fantasy and home mortgage reality, let's put Clark Kent into perspective. It is Jonathon Kent's inability to work the farm on his own that creates the ongoing crisis. The teenage superman, however, is able to thwart mortgage disaster for the Kents by doing the work of 10 men. In lieu of a superman in the family, you will need to look elsewhere when you experience a business, farm or home mortgage crisis. In many situations mortgage refinancing may be the best solution.

How Mortgage Refinancing Can Save You

Traditionally, the decision for mortgage refinancing was made by weighing lower monthly payments against the extra costs. These days you can probably find a bank or mortgage broker willing to forego the additional costs of mortgage refinancing. Using this solution may mean losing most or all of the equity you had acquired with your home mortgage, but if it gets you out of a current jam and inspires hope for your future then it is probably worth it. Remember, too, that just as kryptonite can stop Superman in his tracks, there will be times when mortgage refinancing is the worst thing you could do. Check with your mortgage advisor before committing to a course of action and possibly have second thoughts if his name is Lex Luthor.


About the Author
Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and an ordained Mennonite minister in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Divinity degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. A computer hobbyist, Craig operates several home-based online businesses in his leisure time.

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