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Making Small Spaces Larger

Making Small Spaces Larger By Laura Horwitz
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Often when people undergo remodeling projects, they want to make small spaces appear larger.  This can apply to bedrooms, bathrooms, or even kitchens. Following these design tips can help get you started on having, or at least appearing to have, a larger living space.

Small Spaces are all About Definition

The first step when remodeling a small space is to define the focal point of the room. This can be through color contrast, cool artwork, a light fixture, or your favorite piece of furniture. But if you design a room around a clear focal point it makes the entire area seem cohesive rather than cluttered, enhancing your sense of space.

In a studio apartment, you can also get creative with dividers--decorative screen doors, hanging curtains, or even the use of different colors in different areas can make the apartment feel like it has multiple sections.  

And don’t forget to leave "negative space" between objects--the more room you have to move around, the larger the room feels.

The Illusion of More Space in Your Small Space

Remodeling to optimize your actual space only gets you so far--the rest has to come from clever design tips such as using mirrors. By reflecting more light or views from a window, a room can feel much larger. And mirrors don’t just have to hang on the walls-- consider shelf panels, metallic furniture, or putting multiple mirrors together into a fun design.

Optimize Your Small Space by Remodeling Your Storage

Also consider remodeling your storage spaces. Remember it’s all about how you use things. Consider using your table as a desk. And don’t forget you can use the space under your bed too and maximize your vertical space with shelves.

If you can find the right balance, you can make a room appear larger and more comfortable--in the end that’s all that really matters.


10 Ways to Maximize Your Small Space

About the Author
Laura Horwitz has worked as a freelance writer and researcher for five years in both London and the US. She had a monthly landscaping and tips column for the Sussex County magazine RH Review, and her articles have also appeared in Film Focus, 6 Degrees Film, and BizBash magazine.

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