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Granite: Natural Distinction

Granite: Natural Distinction By Gigi Siguenza
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Remodeling the kitchen is on most homeowners' wish list and when the time comes to begin picking materials, homeowners seek eye-catching ideas for the room they spend so much time in. If you're ready to begin the process of designing your dream kitchen, take a look at the granite selections available. You'd be surprised at the variations and colors available for the creative designer.

Granite Kitchen Remodels: Facts & Tips for Granite Care

Granite is a natural material, formed by molten rock being trapped underground, where it cools very slowly, allowing time for crystals to form and grow within the rock as it cools. Because of this, granite has distinct characteristics that ensure no two pieces of this beautiful stone will ever look the same. Some types of granite patterns are "static" with specks of varying colors scattered throughout the stone, and others have swirls and waves, giving the slab "movement". Colors range from black and white, to purples, blue, green, red, and gray.

Clever designers combine granite with coordinating stone, tile, steel, or concrete for a gee-whiz look, outstanding function, and great durability. Granite can be polished or honed, and comes in slabs or less-expensive tiles.

Care Considerations for Your Granite Kitchen Remodel

Choosing to do a granite kitchen remodel affords you a lovely look and a highly resistant work surface. There are some care considerations that you should be aware of before choosing this wonderful stone. While granite is highly durable, scoring 7 out of 10 on the scale used to judge the hardness of stone, it is prone to staining, so be sure to have your granite surfaces sealed every few years. If properly sealed and cleaned, granite retains its beauty and luster for years.

The durability, beauty, and naturally created color variations of granite have made it one of the most popular surfaces chosen for kitchen remodels in the past decade. The elegance of this natural stone can add warmth and depth to your new kitchen while bringing a piece of nature indoors.



About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer who also works in products & marketing. Schooled in commercial art and design, she formerly worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist.

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