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From Master Bedroom to Master Suite

From Master Bedroom to Master Suite By Sarah Clark
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Like other parts of modern homes, master bedrooms are opening up and becoming more luxurious and accommodating. Don't be surprised to find a mini-kitchen or home theater center in your neighbor's master bedroom.

Kitchens were recently the area of the house that received the most attention from home owners keen on renovating or buyers hot to get their dream island food prep area.

Now, many of those same people are turning their attention to the master bedroom, more commonly referred to as the master suite, due to its increased size and hotel-style accommodations.

The Influence of Hotel Suites on Bedroom Décor

Where the hotel suite has had the greatest influence on master bedroom décor is in its amenities. Kitchenettes are common, an area with a mini fridge and a wet bar complete with a sink set into a marble or granite counter top. There might also be a microwave and a small table for two to read the paper and indulge in coffee and croissants on late weekend mornings.

Décor that Reflects Personal Interests

With this emphasis on greater comfort in a private area, some are also including areas for pursuing hobbies. A fitness guru might have a small gym, a fashion enthusiast might have a separate wing dedicated to a collection of shoes, and an avid reader might design a space for a library.

Home theater systems are also coming into the bedroom. Sleek flat-screen TVs fitted out with high-end sound systems might be installed in a wing of a room with its own area of seating.

Maintaining Intimacy Amid the Space

One challenge home renovators face as they invest in master bedroom décor is keeping their space intimate. Spacious master bedroom suites can appear cavernous. Some address this issue with creative use of paint, using warm autumn hues to bring warmth into the sleeping area. Others use dividers to section off one end of the room from another.

Master bedrooms are no longer just for sleeping and dressing—they've become spaces that are just as treasured as a kitchen or a den, though markedly more comfortable.

About the Author
Sarah Clark is a freelance writer based in Arlington, Virginia.

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