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Fix That Drafty House or Fireplace

Fix That Drafty House or Fireplace By Kelly Richardson
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

There are several costly problems that can surface when you have a drafty home or drafty fireplace in your hip home. You can lose money on your heating and cooling bills. Or you can introduce moisture and dirt into your environment. Here's how to confirm your draft problem and stop it in its tracks. 

There are a variety of causes that can create a drafty home or fireplace. One of those causes might be inadequate construction of your home, leaving cracks and crevices in your building seams. Another usual cause of a drafty house is some sort of trauma, such as a storm or some other type of home impact. Whatever the cause, a drafty home or fireplace can be a nightmare to discover and repair. Here's some of the damage that a drafty house can cause homeowners.

Problem with a Drafty Home

  • Energy Waste. A drafty house or fireplace will cost you hundreds of dollars every year in wasted heating and cooling costs.
  • Unwanted Entries. A drafty house or fireplace will introduce moisture or dirt from the outside into your home without you ever knowing it.
  • Trouble Increases. If your drafty house or fireplace is not identified and repaired, the problem will continue to get worse until you take the proper steps to reverse the condition.

There are several ways that you can discover whether or not you have a drafty house or drafty fireplace. Instead of paying big money to a professional, you can diagnose the problem yourself with some simple information. Here are some ways that you can discover whether or not you have a drafty house or fireplace as well as how you can correct the issue before it worsens.

Pinpointing Your Drafty Home

  • Windows. One of the biggest culprits in a drafty house is the window. A thick caulk sealant will eliminate this course of drafts in your home.
  • Fireplace. A drafty fireplace is cause by the settling of the foundation of your home and can be corrected by a professional contractor.
  • Doors. Doors can cause a drafty home when the seals do not match properly. You can either apply a tape sealant or install a new doorway.

About the Author
A freelance writer, researcher and teacher, Kelly Richardson has over 15 years of creative and technical writing experience. He teaches secondary Honors-level English and writes for a variety of clients in specialized industries such as medicine, technology and education. Kelly holds Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in English and Education from Georgia State University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Policy & Leadership.

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