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Fire Security with an Alarm Monitoring System

Fire Security with an Alarm Monitoring System By Craig Friesen
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

When it comes to preventing a fire in your home or office, there is rarely such a thing as going too far. Yet it is helpful to know where fire alarms are needed and which kind of fire alarm system is best suited.

Peace of mind may come with the installation of an alarm monitoring system but is one really necessary? Is not a smoke detector enough of a preventative measure to keep you safe? Finding good answers to these types of questions will help you decide which type of fire alarm you want.

Fire Alarm Options

Fire alarm systems range in complexity from the basic smoke detector to complete sprinkler and air control systems for industrial or commercial buildings. Fire alarms may be designed to detect rapid rises in temperature or air purity. Choosing the right fire alarm system depends on factors like whether building contents as well as occupants need to be protected and how quickly a fire alarm needs to be raised. For sure peace of mind is gained with a more aggressive fire alarm system but why would you consider an alarm monitoring system?

The Best in Fire Alarm Systems

An alarm monitoring system provides much faster response time by emergency workers so that you and your building can be rescued. Since these fire alarms send a signal directly to a monitoring company or station, when a fire alarm system goes off the occupants are not the only ones aware of the situation. Firefighters and possibly police may be on their way to your home or office within seconds of the fire alarm being triggered. An alarm monitoring system might also integrate your fire alarm and burglar alarm giving you even greater security.

All things considered, cost becomes the only real obstacle for most people obtaining an alarm monitoring system. You may be surprised at how affordable a monitored fire alarm system is and the peace of mind you will have is priceless.

About the Author
Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and an ordained Mennonite minister in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Divinity degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. A computer hobbyist, Craig operates several home-based online businesses in his leisure time.

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