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Fire Alarm System Protects You on All Fronts

Fire Alarm System Protects You on All Fronts By Marianne Salina
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

With 85% of fire deaths in the U.S. occurring in the home, a fire alarm may be the best precaution for your home safety.

A fire alarm system not only improves your home's ability to quickly detect smoke and heat sources, but recent models on the market can also provide burglary protection as well. Home fire protection works best when you cover all of the bases.

How a Fire Alarm Works

A fire alarm system often consists of a central control panel where smoke alarms and heat detectors are connected. If smoke or heat is sensed, then a fire alarm is sounded. If you have a monitoring device within your fire alarm system, it can alert the fire department, providing increased home fire protection. With improved technology and features like burglary recognition as well as fire detection, a fire alarm system can be part of your total security system. Using the same control panel, a burglary device can be added to your fire alarm to detect motion or heat. In addition to smoke, your system can:
  • Monitor doors and windows in your home
  • Protect spaces outside the home like garages or sheds
  • Report intrusion or fire in an emergency

Fire Alarm Contractor

Research is the best way to ensure optimum home fire protection. Learn about different options for your home. Learn about and practice basic fire safety in the kitchen or when lighting fires. It can also be beneficial to hire a fire alarm contractor who will not only install the fire alarm system but will provide monthly checkups and tests to monitor its performance. A fire alarm contractor provides home fire protection information and will often perform a fire safety checklist throughout your home. When it comes to home safety, utilize prevention first.


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About the Author
Marianne Salina is a freelance writer and columnist in Spokane, Washington. She graduated with honors upon receiving her B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz.

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