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Fifteen Steps to Home Security

Fifteen Steps to Home Security By Cameron Heffernan
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Although no home can be completely burglar proof, there are some easy, affordable steps you can take to improve home security:

  • Glass doors are an easy entry
  • point for burglars. Secure them with the use of a bolt lock.
  • Purchase a home security system that includes a loud interior alarm and has detectors for all external doors.
  • Use timers that can turn inside lights, televisions and stereos on and off when you are away.
  • A home security camera is a great theft deterrent. Just the sight of one can keep burglars away.
  • Don’t leave an out-of-town message on your answering machine that states if you’re gone on vacation and when you’ll be back.
  • Install your home security camera high, so that burglars cannot disable it.
  • Motion-detecting outdoor floodlights are a great way to enhance home security.
  • Make sure that you post the label or decal for your home security system in a conspicuous place.
  • Secure basement and garage doors with bars or other theft-deterring entry devices.
  • Most home burglaries occur between 9am and 5pm. Make sure that your entire family knows to lock the doors when they leave home.
  • Set up a neighborhood watch in your area, to promote better home security for you and your neighbors.
  • Position your home security camera in an area that has ample light and where burglars are likely to enter, such as a back window.
  • Choose the proper home security system, which includes monitoring from a central monitoring station, and armed response.
  • Have a neighbor collect your mail and newspapers when you are away so they don’t pile up.
  • Make sure that your home security system includes motion sensors.

About the Author
Cameron Heffernan is a writer, editor, and journalist, who has worked for publications such as PC World and a variety of freelance Internet sites. Cam is currently Communications Manager at the University of California, San Francisco. In 2000, he was a founding employee of a company that developed project management software. That firm was later acquired by a technology firm near Sacramento. He has expertise in web content authoring, management of development and maintenance of web sites, and product and service reviews. Cam has a BA in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School.

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