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Few Disadvantages with Laminate Flooring

Few Disadvantages with Laminate Flooring By Craig Friesen
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

If you are looking to bring your home into the modern era with a change in flooring, laminated flooring may be perfect for you. Durable and affordable, laminate flooring is a leading product you need to consider.

Laminate flooring looks like real hardwood or stone, but is made with pressurized layers of a melamine plastic and particle board. Laminated flooring is great for high-traffic areas of your home where expensive flooring might be worn down. It is also a great way to add a luxury look to your home without the high cost of hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Laminated Flooring

The key benefits of laminated flooring can be summed up with two words: durability and price. Costs differ, of course, but when you compare the price of a laminate floor to hardwood, you will see that the laminate flooring typically costs about one-third less. For a large section of flooring, you can save a great deal of money using laminated flooring. Here are some additional benefits of laminate flooring:
  • Unlimited design options, since laminated flooring is an extremely high-quality picture placed on top of a wood base and covered with a plastic protective layer.
  • Easy installation-one of the biggest selling features of laminate flooring, especially with types requiring no glue for installation.
  • You can place laminated flooring over top existing flooring. When it is time to move, just pull it up and take it with you!
  • Superior durability means lower maintenance or replacement and great warranties.

Disadvantages to laminated flooring are few. Unlike hardwood flooring you can not strip the top layer off and refinish with a different stain color, which may be a drawback for some buyers. What you see is what you have with laminate flooring-a feature most of us would be happy to have!


About the Author
Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and an ordained Mennonite minister in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Divinity degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. A computer hobbyist, Craig operates several home-based online businesses in his leisure time.

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