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Elementary Ideas in Kitchen Remodeling: W, X, Y, and Z

Elementary Ideas in Kitchen Remodeling: W, X, Y, and Z By Alicia Malone
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Plan ahead before you begin your remodel. Know where you want to go, how you plan to get there, and what you expect to see when you're done. Then, sit back and relax. You've earned it.

W is for White.

White is a great color for rooms because it's bright, neutral, reflective, and clean. A common mistake homeowners make; however, is using too much white in the space. If you overdo it, your room looks stark and boring. If you want to use white as a main color on walls or floors, make sure to add strong accent colors elsewhere in the room to balance it out.

X Marks the Spot.

Before you start your home improvement project, map out where you want to go. Moving big items, like furniture, is faster and more efficient if you know where you want it to end up and whether or not it will fit. Without measurements and a clear plan, you may end up with the frustrating task of moving things more than once.

Y means Yes You Can!

A home improvement project can be a time consuming, costly, and tiring task, but the benefits you see when it’s all done make the job well worth it. From increased home value to a lovely place to call home, your remodel is a winning project. Remodeling doesn't have to get the best of you as long as you remember to take some time enjoy it all when you're finished.

Z stands for Zen.

The art of feng shui is used to place items in a space to create a sense of harmony within the environment. You can use feng shui guidelines to create a visually appealing space when you remodel your home. Walls, windows, doorways and furniture all can benefit from being well placed inside a space to bring a sense of balance and peace.


The Feng Shui Institute

About the Author
Alicia Malone lives in upstate New York in a house created with elbow grease and more than a little determination. She is a regular columnist sharing tips and ideas on how to create the ultimate hip home.

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