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Disarm Burglars with Wireless Alarm

Disarm Burglars with Wireless Alarm By Marianne Salina
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Wireless burglar alarm systems take the concepts of less fuss and more efficiency and apply them to where they are most important: home security.

While we have applied the wireless concept to our telephones and computers, enjoying their cordless convenience, why not use a wireless alarm when keeping a home security system more discrete may keep you safer?

Wireless Burglar Alarm

In an age when qualities like small, transportable, and invisible are improving product desirability, the wireless advantage is being recognized for its monumental role. We now enjoy a wireless Internet, and music is transportable in our pockets, but what about a burglar alarm? This becomes an important question when statistics have shown that 60% of burglaries attempted on homes fitted with a burglar alarm are unsuccessful. Fortunately, there is also a wireless alarm option for our homes. A wireless burglar alarm utilizes a cable-free control panel that often relies on heat sensation to alert the alarm.

Wireless Burglar Alarm is a Good Fit

Wireless alarm systems can detect heat and motion from 1000 feet away, and you can add zones of your home to increase home security. Often, an obstacle people face when they install a burglar alarm is getting the sensor panels to fit in a place where the connecting cables will also be hidden. A wireless alarm doesn't have cables, which allows for an easy fit without need for alterations. Additionally, you can include garages or surrounding units into your burglar alarm system and add safety with no visible cords.

Advertise your Alarm

An added precaution that many homeowners overlook is displaying a sign or sticker stating that they have a burglar alarm system protecting their home. Just this statement alone can often act as a deterrent to burglars and will increase the value of your system. The first step is to research alarm systems for your home, and learn how a wireless burglar alarm can improve you and your family's security.


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About the Author
Marianne Salina is a freelance writer and columnist in Spokane, Washington. She graduated with honors upon receiving her B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz.

*Before you apply any of the advice described on the Hip-home.com website, you should consider if the advice is safe and suitable for your individual home situation and consult experts as necessary to evaluate the suitability for your circumstances.
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