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Choosing Storm Doors

Choosing Storm Doors By Karin Mangan
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Storm doors offer a layer of protection against bad weather in the colder months and allow ventilation during warmer weather as well as preventing insects from entering the home. The construction of the door is one of your main considerations.

What Type of Screen Should You Choose?

Storm doors can be purchased in a range of materials and are available in kits that include everything you need to install the door.

  • Fiberglass screens are easy to install and are resistant to corrosion.
  • Galvanized steel is the least expensive option and is excellent at resisting holes and tears. The galvanized coating can wear off, however. An annual coating of household lubricant helps prevent rust.
  • Aluminum storm doors are not as strong as those made from galvanized steel but they resist corrosion almost as well. They are not recommended for seaside areas and can darken in areas with a lot of smog.
  • Bronze screens are the most expensive option but they are the most durable. Varnish protects against corrosion and should be renewed every few years.
  • Wood doors are the most traditional in appearance and are often considered more attractive than other materials but are less durable and require more maintenance. Doors with a solid wood core clad with aluminum and given an enamel finish are sturdy and require much less maintenance.
  • Vinyl-clad aluminum doors are relatively inexpensive. They don't feel as sturdy and aren't as durable as some other materials but they don't rust or mark easily.

The right storm door can help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and enhance its appearance. A good fit and security are your other main considerations.


About the Author

Karin has worked as a freelancer for over ten years, writing informatively about a wide range of subjects. She has a PhD and a background in education and research.

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