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Can You Trust the Cabinet Manufacturer?

Can You Trust the Cabinet Manufacturer? By Cameron Heffernan
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

So you want to re-design your kitchen. A crucial area to start is with your kitchen cabinets, which are often the most attention-drawing component of an attractive kitchen, and maybe the most functional too. Most companies that make kitchen cabinets also offer free kitchen cabinet design, so you would be wise to take advantage of their expertise in choosing the right cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Companies

By going with an experienced kitchen cabinet manufacturer, you gain expertise on effective kitchen cabinet design within your budget.

The kitchen cabinet manufacturers will help you in your kitchen cabinet design by:
  • Examining your current kitchen look and determining what you want to change.
  • Settling on a budget for cabinets.
  • Prioritizing items in your preference for kitchen cabinet design, and determining what you can afford and what you can live without.
  • Deciding what elements to retain of your existing kitchen. For example, will the cabinets you chose match your current kitchen floor?
  • Determining how you will use the space, and using that information to help you pick the cabinets that are the most functional.
  • Predicting how your family’s kitchen needs will change in the coming years, and factoring that in to your decision. For example, if you have young children, you may opt for cabinets that are positioned higher up and out of reach.
When you chose a professional kitchen cabinet design company, you should also consider the fact that they will not be impartial, and will give you advice that favors the products of their company.

Kitchen Cabinet Design -- Going it Alone

Of course you could also opt to have your kitchen cabinets installed by yourself. You’ll still have to answer many of the same questions. In this case, consider a course or seminar offered by home design retail stores, which are often free.

About the Author
Cameron Heffernan is a writer, editor, and journalist, who has worked for publications such as PC World and a variety of freelance Internet sites. Cam is currently Communications Manager at the University of California, San Francisco. In 2000, he was a founding employee of a company that developed project management software. That firm was later acquired by a technology firm near Sacramento. He has expertise in web content authoring, management of development and maintenance of web sites, and product and service reviews. Cam has a BA in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School.

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