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Bringing History to Life with Historic Renovations

Bringing History to Life with Historic Renovations By Gigi Siguenza
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

In some parts of the country, older homes comprise a large portion of home purchases. Some choose older homes because they tend to cost less. Others choose them for their charm and unique character. Others see the opportunity to restore an older home to its original beauty and style.

For decades new homeowners did their best to modernize the older homes they purchased. Hot trends in home design and decorating drove many a new homeowner to rip out the old and install the new, bringing their vision of a modern home to life. The newest trend, however, is to look back, resulting in increased interest in restoring older homes to their former glory.

Living In the Past: Historic Renovation

Buying a home that is century old may be a daunting enterprise. Along with decades of wear and tear come outdated wiring, plumbing, and building materials. For many, the prospect of having to replace the antique systems in historic home makes them steer clear of purchasing these properties. For others, however, these seasoned homes afford them the opportunity to bring history to life through renovations and restorations.

There are many manufacturers who specialize in producing historically accurate reproductions of the fixtures, flooring, and decorating items needed to restore an older home to its former glamour. For the purist, however, historic renovation involves hunting down authentic materials and fixtures from other older homes and estate sales. Whether you chose to use reproductions or scour the country for the real deal, the pleasure of seeing a piece of architectural history come to life makes it worth the time and money involved in historic renovations.


Historic Properties

About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer who also works in products & marketing. Schooled in commercial art and design, she formerly worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist.

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