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Bay Window Treatments that Don't Cost Lots!

Bay Window Treatments that Don't Cost Lots! By Angelique Gervais
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Bay windows are a very popular and attractive addition to any sort of room. However, bay window treatments can sometimes be difficult and costly to install. There can also be a feeling of being "stuck" with one type of window treatment.

Today there are so many different styles of window treatments that one can choose from that there is no reason to feel limited. Let your imagination soar to discover ways to make use of discount tricks to create fabulous bay window treatments.

Give me ideas!

Here are some great ideas for making your own discount bay window treatment:
  • Shop a do-it-yourself warehouse for indoor wooden shutter window treatments. They are available in full and half-length for different decorating needs. Applying your choice of stains, paints, and appliqués make them unique to what you need for your bay window.
  • Shop thrift and clearance centers for bay window treatments. Replacing the upholstery strips on vertical blinds can be very easy and can give a nice enclosed area.
  • Browse the roll end bin at fabric centers for ruffles, poufs, demi-curtains and swags at unbelievably low costs.
  • Remnants of plywood and discontinued wallpaper or fabric can make lovely wooden valances. This type of window treatment can be easy to install and as simple as any other to change.
  • Place mini blinds to cover the lower half of panes, giving needed privacy and a great bay window treatment effect for next to nothing.
  • Build a window seat into a bay window; it is one of the most popular ways to make effective use of a delightful space. Coordinating the upholstery, cushions, and valances can be done by making use of those roll ends to get a really wonderful discount bay window treatment.

About the Author
Angelique Gervais owns and operates a graphic design business serving rural areas in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. She recently completed editing and compiling an anthology for her local writers' group, of which she is an active member. Angelique holds a degree in Biblical Studies, and she is currently expanding her education in the areas of psychology and human development at the Masters level.

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