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Accessorize Your Japanese Garden

Accessorize Your Japanese Garden By Angelique Gervais
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

Over the past few weeks we have taken a delightful trip of creation together. You have changed your backyard into an authentic Japanese Garden. Now your backyard is truly an escape that you will enjoy using to rejuvenate your whole being. The finishing touches to your Japanese Garden come in the form of a well chosen garden accessory.

What garden accessory is perfect for my backyard escape?

In the course of the past weeks we have touched on some options for the successful garden accessory in a Japanese Garden. As the finishing touch to this series I will list a few choice accessories for your new backyard escape.
  • A yukimi or "snow viewing lantern" is a heavy cast iron or granite lanterns that typically is made up of 3 layers: the base or stand, the light holder, and the crown.
  • kusari doi or “rain chains” are hanging ornaments in many shapes. They can be plants or animals that get progressively smaller in size from top to bottom to catch and drizzle rain water.
  • Bamboo fountains are very simple bamboo “T's” that trickle out into ponds, pottery, or basins.
  • Cast iron cranes are a pleasant addition to many Japanese gardens.
  • Chimes, bells, and gongs are a good choice for your garden accessory as they represent a number of things: good fortune, harmony or balance, and the tinkling of water.
  • Statuary of Foo dogs or lions are traditional protectors of buildings and make good choices for your backyard escape.

The accessory that you pick should accent the garden and help to improve your backyard experience. Remember to keep to the integrity of the Japanese garden and you won't go wrong.

About the Author
Angelique Gervais owns and operates a graphic design business serving rural areas in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. She recently completed editing and compiling an anthology for her local writers' group, of which she is an active member. Angelique holds a degree in Biblical Studies, and she is currently expanding her education in the areas of psychology and human development at the Masters level.

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