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A Basement in Name Only

A Basement in Name Only By Cameron Heffernan
HIPhome Columnist
December 31, 1969

If you're looking for a way to enhance the value of your home, consider starting downstairs, in the basement. An attractive basement remodeling job can add hundreds of square feet to the size of your home, and give your family another cozy room to congregate in, not to mention adding thousands of dollars of value.

Basement Transformation

But just how easy is it to makeover your dark, dirty basement into a light and pleasant room where you can watch TV, play pool, or even add an extra bedroom?

With interest rates still historically low, getting a home improvement loan would still pay off. As long as you have the capital on hand and an experienced contractor, your basement remodeling project should be a worthwhile investment.

While Remodeling Your Basement, Consider These Essential Elements:

  • Windows. Try to have as many windows installed in your remodeled basement as possible. The larger, the better, to maximize natural light.
  • Paint. Here too, you're trying to go for as light a look as possible in your basement remodeling project. Choose a color of paint that will complement the paint upstairs in the house. Ideally, you should opt for a color a few shades lighter.
  • Furniture. Choose furnishings that look like they belong in the house, not just in the basement. Avoid old couches and rugs, which scream ‘basement.'
  • Walls. Most successful basement remodeling jobs employ drywall rather than paneling, which has a dated look (that date being the 1970s).
  • Finishings. Attractive finishing will make you feel like you're not in a basement. High-quality trim, wall-to-wall carpeting and built-in-cabinets or bookshelves are all components that will make the room feel more elegant.

About the Author
Cameron Heffernan is a writer, editor, and journalist, who has worked for publications such as PC World and a variety of freelance Internet sites. Cam is currently Communications Manager at the University of California, San Francisco. In 2000, he was a founding employee of a company that developed project management software. That firm was later acquired by a technology firm near Sacramento. He has expertise in web content authoring, management of development and maintenance of web sites, and product and service reviews. Cam has a BA in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School.

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