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Fairy tale homes

Many people who buy or build Tudor style homes dream of owning and living in one since childhood. The style of home looks like it was lifted from the pages of an old fairy tale. Heavy looking timber beams cross broad areas of brick or stucco while roofs suggest towers and parapets. The timbers are not actually part of the supporting structure in these imitations of medieval architectural style, but are usually only external design elements.

Drafts and more

Of course, as attractive as your half-timbered outer walls may be, they are also the source of various problems. The natural movement of your building may create spaces between the timbers and the surrounding brick or stucco. These spaces allow rain, cold drafts and even small animals to enter the inner walls of your home.

Repairs to your foundation

Quick setting mortar is a good remedy for spaces between bricks and timbers. Because of stucco's tendency to crumble, you might have to do more extensive repairs to the spaces and cracks in your stucco wall sections. The best way to do this is by carefully chipping out a space larger than the original crack. Make the edges as even as possible and fit a small patch of metal mesh into the hole. Force the mesh inward until it is tightly inserted and below the surface of the surrounding stucco. Mix a small amount of stucco repair paste and layer it on top of the mesh until the hole is evenly filled. Use a sponge to texture the surface of the wet stucco until it resembles the surrounding areas.
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