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It's all about the roof

The shingle style house is the basic dwelling style for most of America. It is the house style that most children draw when you ask them to draw a house. The building features a gabled roof, flat, unadorned walls and clean, pure lines from every angle. And, as the name implies, the building's walls and roof are covered with shingles.

Conduct regular inspections

Shingles, whether made of wood or some artificial material, are flat, small panels that get nailed, in overlapping patterns to the surface of your building. They are not the most carefree form of building cover and owning a shingle style home means having to do regular inspections and possible repairs.

Weather and temperature

Roof shingles and wall shingles both are prone to damage from extreme weather. If they pull up or fly off, your home is exposed to what could become serious weather damage. Make sure to inspect your roof and walls thoroughly after particularly severe wind or ice storms and again, at the end of the winter. Replacing shingles that have fallen off can be a simple matter of fitting the replacement and nailing it on.

Wooden shingles can also dry out and crack in intense sunlight. If you have unpainted wooden shingles, you need to coat them with an oil based wood preservative every five or six years. Painted wooden shingles can go longer between coatings, but they still need treatment.

One last note: check to see whether your artificial shingles are the old, asbestos-based kind. If they are, they must be replaced to avoid serious health risks.
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