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Make the most of your ranch home

If you're looking to repaint your home, consider using three compatible colors: one for the main exterior, one for trim, and one for the door. If you want to use a bright color, save that for the door.


Consider decorating your home around a theme. For instance, you could have a southwest theme with Native American pottery and desert plants, or a colonial American theme with a vintage rocking chair.

Replace shag carpets

If your ranch home from the 70s is still carpeted with shag, consider ripping that carpet out and replacing it with a hardwood floor.

Add variation

Is your ranch home one straight line? By building a foyer or dormer, you can add some variation to its profile.

If you need more room in your home, and are willing to make a considerable financial investment, you can add a second floor to your home.

Install siding

You can dramatically change your home's appearance by installing new siding. Possible materials include brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum and stucco.

Be wary of plants

Don't plant trees and bushes too close to your home. Their roots can damage the foundation, especially in clay-like soils.

Build a unique roof

If it's time for a roof makeover, consider replacing your home's ordinary asphalt shingles with architectural shingles. Thicker and more substantial than ordinary shingles, these asphalt shingles come in a variety of stylish colors.

Brighten your kitchen

If your kitchen is dark, cramped, and dreary, consider enlarging it by removing an interior wall in the house, and brightening it by adding a skylight.
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