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Frank Lloyd Wright

If you own a prairie-style home, you've probably heard the name Frank Lloyd Wright over and over. It doesn't hurt to mention it yet again since Wright was one of the fathers of modern architecture. Wright pictured these simple, sturdy homes as the perfect structures for the plainspoken, strong people he admired so much in America's Midwest. The low-pitch of the roof extends well beyond the walls of the prairie-style house to shade the walls the way a wide hat brim shades a face.

Casement windows

The rows of casement windows that ring the house often present a challenge to the homeowner. Look for warping and distortion in wooden window frames. If you catch this problem early, you'll prevent more serious repairs further down the line. If graphite doesn't ease a sticking window, try sanding the window channel gently to get rid of the furring on the surface of the wood.

Repairing walls

Wright's design usually included strips of contrasting color and texture running the full height and length of exterior walls. These lines both emphasize and break up the long, horizontal planes that make up the major elements of the building.

The contrasting strips, particularly those made of other materials than the outer walls they decorate, may require minor repairs. If the strip was in a contrasting color but has been repainted the same color as the walls, it pays to find the original architectural design and redo the strips as the architect planned them. This will not only add to the looks of your home, but also preserve its value.
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