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Your French manor

The city of Normandy, France originated this elegant yet quaint home style. Think of the lord of a French manor settling down in front of a roaring fireplace and you'll have a good vision of the original version or your house.

Brick, wood, and stucco

If your Normandy building is typical of the style, you have a mixture of elements to take care of. In addition to the high peaked and usually difficult to repair roof, you probably have brick, wood and stucco to take care of.

Look at the bricks. Many Normandy houses have both construction brick and decorative brick. The brick decorations protrude from the surface of the brick walls and that can mean additional wear and damage. If any of the protruding bricks are loose, remove them carefully, making sure not to remove more than one or, at most two, at a time. Clean the crevasse, removing loose mortar and brick dust and use a quickset mortar or cement adhesive to replace the bricks.

If your house has exposed wooden beams set into stucco, look for signs of dry rot or termite damage where the two surfaces meet. Both of these conditions call for professional help.

Preserve the tower

One last note: If your Normandy is the kind with a round tower at the entrance, please do everything you can to preserve the tower. Some Normandy homeowners have removed the towers rather than conducting needed repairs. The "modernization" often lowers the value of the home and removes one of the most unique and beautiful aspects of this style home.
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