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Change the profile

If you're bored with the horizontal profile of your home's peaked roof, you could break the profile by constructing gabled windows at varying levels.

If you're running short on space in a Cape Cod home with an unfinished attic, consider converting the attic to living space.


You might consider decorating your Cape Cod home using a nautical theme commemorating the birthplace of the Cape Cod style. Fishing nets, starfish, shells, and picture or models of boats are nautical items you might display.

Since your Cape Cod home's steep roof is one of its visually prominent features, you may want to decorate it by, for example, covering it with colored tiles or shingles.

Clean your windows

Second floor windows on smaller Cape Cod homes are usually easily reachable by a small ladder, allowing for easy window cleaning and maintenance.


Consider painting your home white, gray, or blue-gray, with the shutters and trim a brighter color. You can use a third brighter color for the front door.

Try repainting the front door annually or even with every change of season. As it only takes a few hours, it's an easy way to make a substantial change to your house's appearance.

Install a chimney cap

If birds, squirrels, water, and debris are falling into your home's fireplace, you may need a chimney cap installed atop your chimney. Consider a stainless steel cap; it won't rust.
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