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Tips for Bungalow Homes

Bungalows hold a very special place in the history of American home ownership. These low-profile compact houses were originally created to ensure non-wealthy families could enjoy home ownership. Some of the classic bungalows were built from the 1890s through the 1930s along the seashore or in rural areas as vacation homes, but the majority of bungalows were constructed in cities and used as family residences.

Conduct regular inspections

If your bungalow is one of the older ones, you need to inspect often and do small maintenance projects before they grow into big ones. The good news is that these houses were built at a time when craftsmanship was respected and they are especially well built. The plumbing may be old, but it may last longer than similar features in newer homes.

It's more than likely that the pipes are copper, but even copper wears out. If you are experiencing unsatisfactory water pressure and low, moaning sounds in the plumbing system, think of having it redone soon. Patch ups may save you money in the short run, but don't count on that as a long-term solution.

Another area that needs regular inspection is the electrical wiring. In most cases, the electricity was installed in the days when we didn't have televisions, microwaves, computers and air conditioners all running at the same time. If you haven't yet had the wiring replaced, you should. An under-wired home is an open invitation to the fire department — and not to come over for tea and biscuits.
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