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Make the most of your A-Frame

You'll be happy to know that you have one of the oldest house styles. The A-frame or tepee-shaped house is the first design for any permanent structure.

It's all about the roof

When you care for the roof in your house, you're doing more than most homeowners because your house is almost all roof. This means periodic inspections of the inside and outside of your roof are important parts of your home maintenance program. Look for cracked or loose shingles toward the top peak of the roof and small tree or shrub branches poking in under shingles lower down.

Be wary of structural damage

If your A-frame is one of the classic types designed by architect Andrew Geller in the late 1950s, the sides of the roof slope all the way down to the ground. It's important to scoop out any mounded dirt to make sure you never have an earth-to-wood contact anywhere on your roof.

A-frame house owners should also be aware of plant growth at the side of the building. Small trees and persistent bushes tend to push their way up into the space between the lower level of the roof and the side of the building. These green visitors can cause structural damage and also provide the moisture that invites rot. They also offer nesting spaces for small creatures that love to gnaw on wood.

The A-frame house has fewer surfaces that require painting than most other house styles, but the bottom, wooden facings of the roof itself need extra protection. This is also true of any foundation wall sections that show at the base of the roof.
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