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Vinyl Siding Styles Depend on Your Style

The advancements in building supplies have made the choices nearly endless when choosing vinyl siding for your home.

Shaping the Vinyl Siding Styles

There are some very nicely scalloped (half circles) vinyl siding pieces that would compliment a cottage style home. Or a German inspired house would also look great with this type of siding. These scalloped edge pieces come in several different widths depending on your specific style. There are numerous colors available in each style as well. Another style of siding would be the wood grains. This would give that perfect wood cabin look without the hassle of taking care of the wood - especially if this is a vacation home. You could go with a dark cherry or light pine, whichever suites your style. Stucco is another style of vinyl siding to choose from. This type would found quite frequently in desert areas.

Going Vertical or Horizontal in the Vinyl Siding Style

In addition to all of the textures of siding you also have the choice between vertical or horizontal slats. Horizontal slats are the most common, but the vertical give a little more of an artsy feel. If you are undecided or having a hard time choosing just one there are plenty of decorating options there as well. You can take and use vinyl siding with a smooth finish, horizontal slats, with a dark finish and put those on the lower two-thirds of your house. On the top one-third, take the scalloped edge pieces in a lighter tone of the same color as the lower portion. The possibilities are endless and if you ask your contractor he could probably recommend a design specialist to help give you some options. With some bigger companies they will have a designer on staff and the fee will already be included!

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