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What You Need to Do Before the Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is great economical choice for home owners. The biggest advantage of choosing vinyl siding over other options is that it is very low maintenance. It is definitely a possibility to install the siding yourself; however having a buddy along would make the job much easier. There are many hardware stores that will be more than willing to help you out when it comes time to re-side your home. You want to make sure you won't be rushed with this project; it is one that needs careful attention to detail. Before you get started nailing the siding, there are several steps that you should first consider.

Measuring for the Vinyl Siding Installation

Before heading to the hardware store, you need to know approximately how much siding you are going to need. There is a formula that will help: P X EH = main SF. First you need to measure the perimeter (P) of your house in feet and then measure the height (EH) from the bottom of the last siding piece to the eaves. You then multiply these two numbers together to get the main square footage of your house. You will also need to count how many corners you have. Also, make sure to go around and measure each window, as you will not need siding on that part.

Once you have all of your measurements, take them to the store and there will be someone there to help assist you in getting the correct number of siding panels. You will need special tools to help you get the job done. These should be found in the same section as the siding. Some of the specialty tools are the nail hole punch, the snap lock punch, and the un-locking tool. Most brands of siding are very similar in how they are installed; however refer to the instructions to make sure there isn't a special tool that must be used.

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