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Cleaning Vinyl Siding Has Never Been Easier

Cleaning your vinyl siding doesn't require much more work than washing your car. Most vinyl siding is the same and there are no special instructions for cleaning; however taking the time upfront to do this is still a good idea. In rare cases some warrantees require that a specific business be hired to clean the siding on a regular basis. They may even require a yearly inspection to make sure that the siding hasn't sustained significant wear and tear. If you don't follow their procedures it will nullify the warrantee and you will be out of luck if something happens. Most of the time this will not be the case and you will be able to clean it yourself, and it's a pretty easy process.

The How To's of Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Basically all you will need is a bucket, hose, cleaner, rag and a ladder. Having all of your stuff ready to go will make the process much faster. Fill your bucket with soapy water, place you ladder where you want to start cleaning and have your hose handy. Start at the top of your house and work your way down. Any soapy water that washes down will just be a little "presoak" for the lower pieces. After washing it thoroughly with the soapy water use your hose to rinse it completely. A nice, strong pressure is good, be cautious not to get water underneath the siding. To be sure that the soap won't dry and create a residue, only wash 6 or 7 foot sections at a time. Just about medium pressure with the hose should do fine. There is no need to towel dry your siding, air-drying is sufficient.

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