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Cost Comparisons of Siding Types

There is fierce competition between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding companies. With both types of siding being virtually maintenance free and durable, the choice often boils down to style and cost.

The Cost of Vinyl Siding

You have narrowed down your choices: vinyl or fiber cement siding. Now, you have to determine which siding to use. So, you go to what is often the deciding factor for many things: the pocketbook. Vinyl siding costs vary depending on both the quality and the type of siding. There is do-it-yourself siding, which generally costs around one dollar per square foot. On the other hand, vinyl siding that is installed by a contractor can cost between two and seven dollars per square foot.

The Cost of Fiber Cement Siding

The cost of fiber cement siding is somewhat comparable, though maybe a tad more expensive. Fiber cement siding generally costs between five and nine dollars per square foot. There are also do-it-yourself kits for fiber cement siding as well. These kits generally cost between $1.50 and two dollars per square foot.

Calculating the Cost of Siding

The Internet offers valuable tools for calculating the cost of the two forms of siding. By searching for cost estimate calculators, you can find the total cost of siding your home. Simply provide a square footage and your zip code, and then select the type of siding you plan on using. An estimated cost will then appear. The type of siding on your home can make a huge difference in its appearance and durability. By comparing costs, you will find the best siding that works within your budget.


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