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Helpful Tips for Fiber Cement Siding Repair

Fiber cement siding is a very strong material. Over time though, there will be repairs that need to be made. There are many things that can contribute to the breakdown of your siding. If you live in a particularly raining area it is more likely that the siding will sustain some water damage. This is especially true if the siding wasn't properly installed. It is a common mistake for the nails to be over driven into the siding thus damaging the siding. Also, if the siding is placed too low to the ground this can facilitate water damage. Shrubbery can also cause an issue, when bushes grow too closely to your home it can be constantly knocking up against the siding and over time create scratches that weakens the structure. The other issue with shrubbery is that it doesn't always allow for proper air flow to the lower portion of your siding. It needs time to dry out after a heavy rain, when the water is allowed to sit for long periods of time it can create a mold problem.

Prevention is the Best Fiber Cement Siding Repair

You need to check your siding frequently to try to catch any issues early. The earlier you are able to find any flaws in your fiber cement siding the lower the cost will be to fix it. And obviously, the smaller the damaged area is the quicker the job will be complete. If your siding is still under warrantee you can probably just call your contractor and he will come out and fix it. In the case that you are you either not under warrantee or you actually hung the siding yourself, then you can do the repairs yourself.

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