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Fiber Cement Siding Installation Can Be Easy

Installing fiber cement siding can be a do-it-yourself project as long as you have the right tools and a little bit of knowledge. There are several steps involved in fiber cement siding installation, from prepping the area to hammering in the last nail.

Step One: Prepare the Area of Fiber Cement Siding

Before you begin installing the fiber cement siding, you should prepare your home. It is a good idea to hang insulation between your home and the siding. You should also cover the insulation with roofing felt. Then, gather the proper tools for installing the siding. Tools include a hammer, nails, and saws for cutting the siding.

Step Two: Begin the Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Use a starter strip to begin the fiber cement siding installation. Then, overlap the fiber cement pieces, nailing them with the proper tools. During this step, you will need to cut the fiber cement siding to fit the sections of your home. Both power shears and circular saws can be used to cut the siding. Continue to overlap the siding until the home is covered. When nailing in the pieces of fiber cement siding, it is best to use a starter hole. This will prevent the nails from bending when being driven through the siding. Once the straight pieces of siding are in place, there are areas where angled pieces will need to be cut. You should measure and cut these pieces using a circular saw.

The fiber cement siding installation takes some time and a little bit of skill. But with patience, you can easily install fiber cement siding on your own, giving your home an entirely new look.

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