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System Monitoring

Added protection for the things you care about

Many people today invest in home security systems as an added protection against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide positioning, and medical emergencies. Security systems offer 24/7 system monitoring and can alert authorities as to any problems in your home.

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Theft protection

Many home security systems offer burglar alarms that are triggered by anyone attempting to break in to your home. If an intruder attempts to enter your house, an alarm sounds and authorities are notified. These alarms usually scare the intruder, as well as alert the neighbors to a potential problem in your home. Many burglars won't even attempt to break into a home with an alarm system for these reasons — they'll simply move on to a home without the protection. Since security systems usually provide many stickers and signs for you to hang up around your property, burglars are aware before they get to the front (or back) door.

Fire protection

Today's home security systems offer fire detectors that can alert authorities to high levels of smoke, or increasing hot temperatures in your home. The added benefit these systems have over traditional fire detectors is that a security system will notify authorities when a problem is detected. That way your family's cherished possessions — and any home improvement investments you make — are protected.
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