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Storm Windows and Water-tight Doors

Weather the Storm with Storm Windows and Replacement Doors

There are greater incentives beyond simple weather protection to add high quality storm windows and exterior doors to your home. Modern replacement doors and replacement windows add value and good looks to your home, and they spare you energy costs in the long run. But if you live where winter rain and winds are severe, you might consider replacement doors and windows before nature wreaks havoc on your home.

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New Glass Doors are Energy Efficient

Modern doors have higher R-values, which means that even if they are glass, they lose less furnace heat or summer’s air conditioning than your windows. For example, Anderson insulating glass is 35 percent more energy efficient than double-pane windows in winter, and more than 40 percent more efficient in summer. Whether you install these yourself or use a contractor, make sure that a quality weather-tight sealer is used around the jamb and corner joints.

Storm Windows Work Wonders

Replacement storm windows can add more than weather protection to your home. Burglars are less interested in breaking through two layers of glass to enter a home than through a single pane. But the main benefit comes in reduced energy costs year round and higher valuations for your home. Triple track, combination storm windows fit over double hung windows and open in temperate weather to allow ventilation.

You can save even more money by installing glass or vinyl protection windows yourself, but it is imperative that you use a tightly caulked seal around the edge of the storm windows for maximum efficiency and protection against wind and water damage. Consider installing storm shutters over replacement windows and glass doors for maximum safety and efficiency.

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