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Fire Protection

Help keep your family safe

Fires occur when people least expect it. Ask yourself how many times you have left the stove on, or forgot to blow out a candle. Most of the time, these accidents don't turn into devastating fires, but in the event they do, your entire home can be destroyed within an hour.

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Fire warning signs

Before a small flame turns into a deadly fire, high levels of smoke can be detected. A smoke smell is usually easy to determine — if you are awake and aware. Many fires occur while people are in bed, sleeping, completely oblivious to the smells of smoke permeating the air. By the time people realize the room is filled of smoke, it may be too late.

Fire detectors

Many states require smoke detectors in all homes and apartments for a good reason: smoke detectors alert household members to high levels of smoke almost immediately. It makes sense to install a smoke detector in every bedroom of your home, as well as areas where you may have a high risk of fire, such as the kitchen.

Security systems

Today's security systems (or burglar alarms) offer fire protection. In many cases the system is equipped with advanced smoke detection, and has the added benefit of alerting authorities when high levels of smoke are detected. Security systems can help protect your home even when you aren't there, and are often a worthwhile investment.
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