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Dish and DVR? Heaven on Earth

If your idea of heaven is to see every episode of your favorite program, or to be sure that you miss nothing that you want to watch even if there is a clash of channels, then you need to look at the options for recording and retrieving programs. There are two major ones at the moment, but there are likely to be more arriving as selective program retrieval becomes more common.

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DVR - Digital video recording records programs from your satellite channels for use as you want them, but automatically. The Directv satellite system is a typical example. The set top box will allow you to record from 35 hours to 140 hours of programs, and depending on the system you use, you can record two programs and watch a third program simultaneously. You can program this recording for the future - as much as 14 days in advance - and all of this with one interface on your satellite receiver through a directv satellite system.

TiVo - this is similar to DVR, but it allows you to choose more options. You can retrieve all the past episodes of your favorite soap; you can record more than one program at the same time; you can even select programs that feature favorite actors, sports, sports teams or directors and automatically record these.

If you already have satellite TV, then DVR may well be the option for you - TiVo means purchasing an additional service, apart from Satellite TV. However, if you want to have more flexibility, then maybe TiVo makes sense.

Both methods require a set-top box, subscription, and installation. Better still - find one of the options that incorporate both the Directv satellite system and Tivo, and then you really will be in heaven.
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