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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Factoring in costs

Cabinets account for about half the total cost of a kitchen-remodeling project, and thus have the greatest impact on a budget. They range in price considerably based on quality, the type of material they are made of, and whether they are stock (ready built in specific sizes from the manufacturer) or custom (produced specifically for your kitchen in whatever sizes are needed). If cabinet replaced is too expensive, the alternative is to reface current cabinets.

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Reface or replace?

Cabinet refacement involves sprucing up cabinet doors by putting a new veneer on them. Veneers come in many different styles and materials, from wood to other laminates. Kitchen cabinet refacing saves families, on average, 33-60% of the price of installing new kitchen cabinets. This discount provides the new design wanted for the kitchen without breaking the bank. After refacing cabinets, homeowners can improve the functionality of their cabinets with rollout shelves, better drawer slides, and other accessories.

Durable and beautiful

Another argument for cabinet refacing comes from the homeowners of older homes. Some older homes have vintage cabinets that are often much sturdier than cabinets made today. If living in an older home, homeowners should have their kitchen cabinets appraised before remodeling. If the cabinets are of a high quality, they should not be tossed out. Many companies specialized in refacing or refinishing older cabinets in some way. For those looking to change a kitchen's floor plan and design, it is still possible to move older cabinets to different areas. Care should be taken when moving or installing cabinets so they are not damaged.
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