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Ever Dreamed of a Garage Floor Clean Enough to Eat From?

If your garage floor has turned into an ugly, slippery mess, don’t despair. It may be true that your concrete floor is permanently stained from years of abuse. Professional grinding and refreshing the concrete can cost more than you’re willing to spend. But short of taking drastic measures, there are relatively simple remedies that will dress up your garage floor without gutting your savings account.

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One Simple Solution to your Garage Floor

The first step is to dry existing grit and oil. Simple sawdust can draw out surface grime. Even your favorite brand of cat litter can do the trick, sopping up grease and chemicals. Scoop up the litter or sawdust with a broom or shop vac, then wet the remaining splotches with commercial kitchen cleanser or dish soap and let it work for an hour or two.

Most any common detergent that cuts kitchen gunk will do wonders for your garage floor. Get into the blotches with elbow grease and a strong brush. When the spots are out, rinse the floor with the high-pressure nozzle on your garden hose or, better yet, blast the area with a high-spray carwash tool. Since you already own most of these items, this makeover costs little more than sweat.

Cover Your Tracks

If you can spend more, consider installing either trowel-down or self-leveling epoxy coatings over the concrete garage floor. These non-slip coatings not only add an attractive finish, but they remain impervious to oil, gasoline, and most spilled chemicals. If you opt for this long-term solution, you will need to grind your concrete to render it a solid sub-floor for the coating. This entire project, for a two-car garage, should come in under $300.

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