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Garage Cabinets and Storage

Organize that Mess! Garage Cabinets are your One-Step Solution

The complaint is all too typical. Your garage is but a monstrous heap of clutter with a hole in the center the precise dimensions of your car. Many Americans profess a powerful dislike for the way the family garage has become a packrat’s nightmare, but few muster up the energy to do anything about it.

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Even people with two or three-car garages bemoan their lack of storage. Eventually the clutter reaches the garage door and the car is banished to the street, where the family sedan is prey to nature and vandals. Fight back against clutter. Schedule your own garage makeover.

There’s a One-Step Solution to Garage Organization

Consider purchasing a component set, available at many home improvement stores, with a garage cabinet storage system that fastens securely to wall studs. Many of these stand-alone systems come complete with bicycle hooks, hanging cabinets, fold-down workbenches, and heavy-duty storage bins.

For a quick installing, long-term solution, you can buy pre-fabricated steel shelves. But, if the entire component seems too expensive or radical for you, consider adding your own combination of wire shelving, plastic storage bins, pegs and hooks where you can hang your bikes, tools, and lawn-care items. A clear floor area works wonders.

Finishing Touches to your Garage Ambience

Now that you can see the garage floor, you can apply epoxy, tiles, or fresh paint that’s easier on the eye. Installing grooved rubber mats over old oil stains can make the garage a welcome place to putter on your projects. Before you begin any ambitious garage makeover, it’s a great idea to throw away items you never use. Why not hold a garage sale, with the proceeds going directly into your makeover budget?

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