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Quick Fixes to Your Bedroom

Liven up the look and feel of your bedroom with a host of simple and inexpensive actions. In fact, just a few simple projects can make the bedroom your favorite room in the house.
  • Light up: Nothing sets the tone of your bedroom like the choice of lighting. Look for vibrant and active styles. With a little discount paint, you can turn any lamp into something special. And selecting an overhead fixture with personality will do wonders for your atmosphere.
  • Bring walls to life: Pale, drab walls will definitely dampen the mood. But a few simple pieces of art or a coat of paint will bring new life. The art doesn't have to be expensive, just tasteful. And painting even one wall in your favorite color can make a noticeable difference. Look for discount paint in the "mistake" section of you local hardware store.

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  • Make the bed: The bed is the epicenter of the bedroom (hence, the name), so why not make it special? Creative throws and pillows will give your bed character. Mix and match these for a couple of different options. Headboards and steps are accessories that go well in the mix.
  • Clean up: With all of the stuff you accumulate over the years, storage options are excellent opportunities to energize your living space. Chests, trunks, even milk crates, fill out your bedroom space and allow you to express yourself. Flea markets are gold mines for incredible bookcases and night stands.
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