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Remodeling Your Bathroom

Terrific or traumatic: take your pick

Remodeling a bathroom can be a labor of love or a very traumatic experience. Make your bathroom remodeling a joy through proper planning. First, take stock of what you like in your bathroom to see what you want to keep. If there are a few pieces you like, create a theme around them. Themes may include anything from Victorian to Art Deco.

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Period Decorations

Starting with the bathroom fixtures, decorators can choose from styles ranging from vintage handles to period spouts in a number of different finishes. A bathroom sink also come in many styles. You can choose a sink as fancy as you like; ornate pedestal sinks, art-glass basins, and cultured marble vanity tops are a few examples.

Comfortable and functional

Another way to add life to your bathroom is to spruce up the furniture inside. Bathroom cabinets and vanities can add style to a bathroom, as well as enhanced functionality. You may consider adding a bench or a chair for your bathroom, to give the appearance of comfort.

Add some light

Proper lighting is imperative, especially if the bathroom in question is where you spend the first few minutes of your day. If your bathroom lacks windows and ample light, install overhead lights, lights on either side of your mirror, and consider adding a skylight. Many people also use candlelight as a way to add some hominess into the bathroom, light, and to perfume the air.
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