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Quick Fixes to Your Bathroom

Decoration galore

By its very nature, a bathroom's design has to include certain pieces, (toilet, sink, etc.,) but many options and styles are available to choose from. Starting with the bathroom fixtures, decorators can choose from styles ranging from vintage handles to period spouts in a number of different finishes.

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Sinks to suit any style

A bathroom sink also come in many styles. You can choose a sink as fancy as you like; ornate pedestal sinks, art-glass basins, and cultured marble vanity tops with integral sink basins are all available. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors and textures — some basins are custom-made by glass or ceramic artists.

Furniture and features

A fun way to add life to your bathroom is to spruce up the furniture inside. Bathroom cabinets and vanities can add style to a bathroom, giving it anything from an antique to a modern feel.

A bathroom mirror is certainly a standby, but should accentuate the room's character instead of taking away from it. Make sure your mirror matches the style of its accompanying furniture.

Tub makeovers

Replacing a bathtub can be an extensive project, but many old tubs are eyesores, and can detract from your entire bathroom's value — and aesthetics. Refinishing or lining your tub is a great way to take care of unsightly chips and stains. Some companies can refinish your tub with a polyurethane coating that gives it a hard, high-gloss surface. Other companies can outfit your tub with an acrylic liner molded exactly to its size, shape, and style.

Finishing touches

Finally, after a remodeling job, you should make sure your bathroom accessories fit your new look. Hand and bath towels should also fit the theme of the room.
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